Janice Cline Batiks
Janice Cline

    Janice is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where she currently resides.  In 1965 she graduated from the Maryland Institute of Art with a BFA.  Since then she has completed a number of post graduate courses at the Maryland Institute of Art and at San Diego State College, including sculpture, photography, ceramics and surface design on fabric.
    Her fine art background and interest in fiber work led her to experiment with the Indonesian wax resist technique of batik.  This 2000 year old process is perhaps the most challenging of all the decorative fiber arts due to its exacting nature.  In batik, a design is drawn on fabric, which is usually cotton or silk.  Then, hot liquid wax is applied to the areas to remain the original white color of the fabric.  The fabric is immersed in a cold-water dye bath, and the areas which are covered with wax remain white while the unprotected areas take on the color of the dye.  More wax is applied and the fabric is redyed.  This time the color is darker and blends with the first color to make a new color.  The process is repeated for each color desired and the final dye bath is the darkest color, usually black or dark blue.  In the course of the dying, wherever the fabric has been creased the hardened wax will crack and the result is the unusual “spider web” texture of the finished batik.  This crackling effect is what initially attracted Ms. Cline to the process.  The luminosity and jewel-like colors that could only be achieved using wax and dye were extremely appealing to the artist as well, and enabled her to express herself in a truly exciting and unique way.
    She is currently a juried member of several art and craft guilds, including the Michigan Guild of Artists, Ohio Designer Craftsmen, Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and Virginia Guild of Craftsmen.  She has exhibited in numerous juried shows throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States and her work is displayed in private collections throughout the country.
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